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#GWM’s #Haval Coupe #Concept Stuns

Date: 30 Apr 2014 Author Type: Press Release
Author: GWM
Source: GWM

The Beijing Auto Show, increasingly regarded as one of the most important events on the automotive calendar, saw GWM unveil a concept SUV that previews the design direction of the Haval SUV sub-brand.

The stunning Haval Coupe Concept was announced by new design director Pierre Leclercq* as a “concept-to-be model”, which previews the Haval Sport series currently being developed by GWM’s international technical team for global consumers.

The Concept Coupe measures 4 746 mm in length and has a long wheelbase of 2 950 mm, promising very generous interior space. No specifics were revealed, but it is known that the Coupe Concept uses a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and all-wheel drive. It is claimed to consume only 2,2 litres of fuel per 100 km.

Grabbing the headlines, however, is the Coupe Concept’s exterior design. Featuring a particularly striking upright LED lighting arrangement front and rear, the Coupe Concept remains instantly recognisable even in the dark. Befitting its “coupe” moniker, the roofline slopes towards the rear. Combine this with a gradually rising shoulder line, and the result is a very muscular, sporty machine. Other details to highlight include the symmetrical, square-shaped exhaust outlets and striking two-tone 22-inch alloy wheels.

A production version of the Coupe Concept is expected to be revealed in 2016.

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