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15 Jan 2016

GWM Launches Updated M4 Compact SUV

25 Feb 2015

GWM C20R Brings Crossover Chic

27 Nov 2014

Driven: 2015 GWM Steed 5, 5E & Steed 6 Pick-up Range

25 Nov 2014

GWM Launches Intensified Attack on SA Bakkie Market

14 Nov 2014

GWM's Price-Busting H6 City Arrives in SA

06 Oct 2014

GWM Boosts Value Offering with New Entry Level H5 SUV

02 Sep 2014

GWM - Forging a New Automotive Giant

30 Apr 2014

GWM’s Haval Coupe Concept Stuns

31 Mar 2014

GWM C30 - Spacious B-segment sedan now available in SouthAfrica

by James Siddall
Is there a precedent for this? Not that I recall, at least not in recent memory. And by “this” I mean the simply intergalactic pace at which GWM – that's Great Wall Motors – has accelerated from being purveyors of machines that were merely pretty good at the price to being purveyors of machines that are up there with the world's major players.
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A Need For A Steed – Meet The GWM Bakkie That Can
by James Siddall
Aaah, how time flies. Hardly the most original statement, but as we're all now just beginning to exit the festive madness there's no need to get too cerebral, is there? And indeed it seems like only the other week that this strange new Chinese manufacturer appeared seemingly out of nowhere on the South African market. Its name? Great Wall Motors, or GWM as it's better known.
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by James Siddall
So you walk into the pharmacy. Now it might so happen that they don't stock the exact product you're after. Or it just might be that the pharmacist wants to save you a few rand. So he or she recommends a generic.
The generic, of course, does precisely the same thing that the original does. Except...well...except it almost invariably costs quite a bit less.